Clandestine's Tourist Station

These Directions all start at City Center (recall) and assume you have Pass Door, Fly and the correct level to enter the area.

Valkon and I have handily made all of the directions Speedwalk friendly. To use speedwalk type: Speedwalk (paste directions). Exclude any commands such as enter portal, say 'blah', or whatnot.

So going to Aryth Sea would be:
speedwalk 23e7s1e2n4e
Enter portal
speedwalk 5s9e1s

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Name Area Directions Gate Mob  
Josie Edge City 1k, Enter cloud, 1n Josie  
Stephanie Raelys'ton 24e1n1e Stephanie  
Cindy Crewyn 15w4n2u3en Cindy  
Hezekiah Hidden Hollow 15w, Enter tree, 1d3n1d4e1d3s1w Hezekiah  


Directions Align Gate Mob
Above the Clouds 70 - 99 2n1u Mixed  
Ancient Lands MASTER Portal from Stephanie Mixed None
Ardent Lands MASTER 34e1n Evil None
Aryth Sea HERO 23e7s1e2n4e, Enter portal, 5s9e1s Neutral  
Asgard MASTER Unknown Neutral Heimdall
Avarien Del Ilesh 10 - 35 9w1n1e1n Good  
Barrier Reef HERO 23e7s1e2n4e, Enter portal, 5s9e1s1e1n1e1s1d1n1e1n2s2e4s2w1s1w1n Neutral  
Battle Arena ALL 1n1e Neutral  
Candyland HERO 3n2w1s, Enter candy Neutral  
Castle Iusa 50 - 99 12w1n or Portal from Cindy Mixed  
Chapel Ruins HERO 6n2w Evil  
Church of the Machine MASTER 36e1u1w5n1w2n1e1n2w1n2e1n2w Evil  
Clandestine Academy ALL 1u Mixed  
Clandestine County Courthouse 50 - 70 14e1n1d Mixed  
Clandestine School 50 - 70 7n2w3n2w2n3e1s2e2s1w2s3e1s Mixed  
Cliffs of Obsidian 15 - 30 10s1e3n2d7e3u1e or Fantastical Mirror from Hezekiah Mixed  
Cloudy Mountain 30 - 60 9n1w1u or Portal from Josie Evil  
Club Wicked LEGEND 3n4w1n Evil  
Conclave of Shadows 15 - 40 9w1n1e Evil  
Country Fair 1 - 10 1u, say 'country', enter country Good  
Crewyne, City of Autumn ALL 15w4n2u Mixed  
Crystal Citadel LEGEND 6n3e Mixed  
Crystal Mountain 5 - 15 7s2w Mixed  
Darkened Dissolution MASTER Portal from Josie Evil  
Death's Torment ALL Die Neutral  
Deserte Ti-Rynev 15 - 30 15e1n Evil  
Descent to Hell HERO 9w2s2w2s4u1n1w1d Evil  
Destine Temple 50 - 80 9n1w1u2n2e Neutral  
Discordant Woods LEGEND 23e5e1u1s Evil  
Dominia 50 - 70 9w13n2u4w, Enter portal Good  
Draergen Territory ALL 13w2s1w1s1e2s1e Mixed  
Dragon Spyre 10 - 20 5s2w Unknown  
Edge City ALL Recall Mixed None
Edge City Apartments ALL 3u Unknown None
Edge City Casino ALL 2d1w Unknown None
Edge City Haven District ALL 2u Unknown None
Edge City Mall ALL Magical Mirror from Hezekiah Unknown None
Edge City Poor Quarter ALL 1u1e Unknown None
Erisalaree Dale 70 - 99 11n1u1s Good  
Eventide Mountains 5 - 15 4s Evil  
Fields 1 - 5 17e1n3w1s1w Unknown  
Florin 40 - 75 17e1s1e Mixed  
Gemstone Mines LEGEND 11n1d Evil  
Gnome Village LEGEND 23e7s1e4n1e Mixed Chief Gnome
Golidia 50 - 70 23e7s1e2n3e1s Neutral Mountain Goat
Graghtok's Lair 60 - 91 14e1n1d2e1s1e Evil Graghtok
Haon Dor 5 - 10 7w Mixed  
Hidden Hollow 20 - 45 15w, Enter tree Mixed  
Hotel California HERO 9w2s2w2s4u1n1w1d2w, Enter skeleton or Portal from Josie Evil  
Indivisible Castle 40 - 60 Portal from Stephanie Neutral  
Insomnia HERO 9n1e1s1n2e3n1u3s2d2n1w2d, say '666' Neutral  
Iseti Forests HERO Portal from Cindy Mixed  
Isle of Dread 45 - 90 14e11s1e Evil  
Kaf 40 - 60 9w2s1e6s, Enter gate, 6e or Portal from Cindy Mixed  
Khashog Monastery 20 - 40 6s1w Good  
Kingdom of Darkness HERO 13w2s1w1s1e2s1e2n1w Evil  
Kingdom of Vesroth LEGEND Portal from Stephanie Evil  
Kyr'inir HERO 10n4e1n1w Good  
Land of Oz 80 - 99 17e1n3w2n1e, Say 'oz' Enter Oz Mixed  
Library of Astinus ALL 2n1w Unknown None
Little Red Riding Hood 35 - 45 17e1s Mixed  
Lord Karrygan's Castle MASTER 23e5s1u or Portal from Cindy Mixed None
Loren Isle 40 - 60 23e7s1e Good  
Lyansaine LEGEND 23e7s1e4n3e2s1l Mixed  
Midnight Labyrinth HERO 8n1e2n2e1n1w8n1u1n1w3n or Portal from Cindy Evil  
Minorad 15 - 40 9w1n Evil  
Misty Cavern HERO 11n2u1w Mixed  
Moon and Sun Temple MASTER 11n2u1s or Portal from Cindy Good  
Morgue ALL 1s1e Unknown  
Mother Goose Attacks MASTER Portal from Josie Evil  
Museum of Ancient History MASTER 36e1u1w6n1o1i3n1e1n Evil  
Mystical Island MASTER Portal from Josie Mixed  
Mythical Beginnings 10 - 20 8s1e1n Good  
Namek Village MASTER 36e1u Good  
Newbie Area 1 - 5 Start out in it as a newbie Neutral  
Newbie Zone 1 - 5 1u1w Neutral  
Nyaleins HERO 9w2s2w1s Unknown  
Oceanda HERO 23e7s1e4n1w Unknown Seagull
Oceanus 40 - HERO 23e7s1e2n3w1d or Portal from Cindy Neutral  
Old Thalos 5 - 20 17e1n Mixed  
Pandora's Box 50 - 99 9w2s1e5s1e Evil  
Port of Sylvantae 25 - 35 23e4s2w2s10e Good Gull
Psychotic Confusion ALL Portal from Josie Mixed  
Pyramid of Lost Souls MASTER 11n2u8n2u1n1u Mixed  
Pyxislet 20 - 45 Portal from Cindy Mixed  
Quyl'Isha MASTER Portal from Stephanie Unknown  
Raelys'ton 40 - 60 17e Mixed  
Raptiris Noshrue 33 - 60 7n2w Neutral Raptor
Realm of the Gods ALL 2Se1s Unknown  
RenThor HERO 9w2s1e5s Unknown  
Ruins of Iberia LEGEND 8n1e2n2e1n1w2n1w Evil  
Ruins of Ivory Manor 40 - 80 7n1e1d Neutral  
SeaHaven 20 - 35 8s1e4n1w1n1e2n1e1n2w1n2e1n1w2n1e Good  
Sea Caves HERO 23e7s1e2n4e, Enter portal, 5s9e1s1e1n1e1s1d1n2e1n2s2e4s4e1n1e1n Mixed  
Serdyn LEGEND 10e1s Evil  
Sherwood Forest 60 - 99 12w6n5e1n1e Good  
Sinaerth-Kasah 5 - 15 10s1w Evil  
Sphere of the Psionics LEGEND 23e10n, Enter portal Evil  
Sphinxian Plateau MASTER 11n1u Good  
Spires of Roryn LEGEND 23e5s1u3s2e4s3e8s1e1s1w1s Evil  
Spirit Mines 70 - 95 11n1d1e Evil Spirit Miner
StoneShield LEGEND 23e7s1e4n1e1n Good  
Sunken Pirate Ship


Unknown Unknown None
The Amazon Jungle 5 - 30 8s1e4n1w Mixed  
The Art of War MASTER 36e1s Neutral  
The Centauri Plains 1 - 20 6n Good  
The Citadel 50 - 70 7n2w3n2w2n3e1s2e2s1w2s1e1d Neutral  
The Cosmic Pantheon 5 - 30 5s2w1s Unknown  
The Court of Miracles 40 - 80 10s1d Mixed  
The Drahkan 40 - 70 12s3e1s1e2s Mixed  
The Dreamscape MASTER 3n2e1s, Enter bed Evil  
The Grand Theatre LEGEND 5e3n1e Evil  
The Great Wall 25 - 50 14e1n or Mystical Mirror from Hezekiah Mixed  
The Insane Asylum 45 - 65 9n1e Neutral  
The Lost World MASTER Portal from Josie Mixed  
The Marble Gardens MASTER Portal from Josie Good  
The Odyssey 50 - 70 17e1n3w2n1e, say 'odyssey', Enter odyssey Mixed  
The Rain Forest LEGEND 36e1u1w5n1w1n Mixed  
The Rhysenne Dominion 25 - 50 15w2n2e1u1w4n2e2n1e Mixed  
The Road To Hell 80 - 99 13w1d10e1s Mixed  
The Sleeping Masoleum MASTER 23e5s1u2n3w4n1d Evil  
The Wedding Chapel ALL 3e1n1e1n Unknown  
Tomb of the Spider King HERO 8n1e2n3e1n Evil  
Tortuga HERO 23e7s1e2n4e Evil  
Towers of Immorality 80 - MASTER 9w2s2w2s4u1n1w or Portal from Cindy Evil  
Tree Top Village


13w2s1w1s1w1s2w1s1e1u Mixed Felpur
Troll Hedge 5 - 10 1u3s1d Evil  
Tunnel of Time 80 - 99 13w1d4e2n1e Evil  
Twin Crescents MASTER 15w2n2e1u1w2s1w Mixed  
Tyrihan Volcano 5 - 15 10s1e Evil  
Underdark 13 - 30 6n1d Evil  
Up the Beanstalk LEGEND 17e1n3w2n1e, Say 'jack', Enter jack Evil  
Valar Cathedral 15 - 50 10s1d1e Unknown  
Valley of War 20 - 60 9n1w1u2n1e3n2w4n1w4n2d1n Mixed  
Vampire Cavern 20 - 50 6n4d1e Evil  
Wedding Shop ALL 3e1n1e1d Unknown  
White Lotus 10 - 50 14e1s Good  
Winter Castle MASTER Portal from Josie Good  
Winter Wonderland HERO 13w2s1w1s1e2s1e3n1w2n2e1n2w Good  
Wroneu 20 - 35 11s Good