The Blacksmithing Guide

The process of blacksmithing is a long, arduous task, but will be worth it in the end.

The first piece of information is, if you are below level 200, it gets harder with each level you are away from 200 (in other words, a level 1 character would need to take about 6 months for 1%. This is in no way accurate, so don't quote me on it) [Leio's note: I haven't noticed it to be harder for lower levels, it seemed easier to me, if anyone knows how it really is, let me (Leio) know]

Secondly, you need ingots, which you get by smelting ore, which you mine in mountainous regions of the realm such as Cloudy Mountain. When you do begin smithing, you require an anvil in the room (one can be found 1w1n of City Center).

Since blacksmith cannot be practiced in the conventional use as any other skill is, you must use it to get better. When you begin, you'll have a 1% blacksmith skill. Don't be expecting to make anything out of any material except for rust.

When you do start, start with daggers, as they are the simplest to create. When the message:
'You feel as though you couldn't possibly gain more knowledge from such a simple task.'
then move to the next lowest ingot costing item in the smith list (see below) [Leio's note: The ingot cost doesn't show how hard it is to smith it, especially when it's an armor not weapon]


Cost (in ingots)
Sword 5
Dagger 3
Flail 9
Mace 8
Polearm 7
Claw 10
Axe 12
Breastplate 50
Helm 15
Sleeves 25
Gauntlets 20
Shield 30
Leggings 25
Boots 20
Chainmail 35
(They are not marked in difficulty by order, but by ingot cost)

Once you can no longer gain knowledge in axe smithing, then, due to the serious complexity of armor smithing, move to the next material. Repeat the same process, working from lowest to highest, and stopping after axes. Once you have reached the point of smithing silver weapons, smithing rust armor should be doable, so go back and gain any knowledge you can there. And, once you can make gold weapons, iron armor should be doable.

Each item made, you will notice, has a quality. The list below displays the qualities from lowest to highest

above average
well made

As a word of advice, Attempting celestial smithing at any percentage below 65% is a futile and hopeless process. Not even Azuel can make a perfect celestial breastplate often, and he's an Immortal with 100% blacksmith.

You cannot carry more than roughly 16,000 ingots total and 32,000 ore total.

Leio's note: You can now also drop ores. To do it hold a pickaxe and be in a mountainous region and type "mine drop ". You must spell the ore type out: "rust" won't work but "rusty" will.

Created by: Randy Woolner, the player behind Zero Edgeir