First Issue of the Clandestine Tribune (2/28)

- World News-

Spotlight on Fashion: Blacksmithing
It's the newest craze. From old priestly Mystarans to huge bulking Mercenary Soldiers, it seems that everyone wants to learn the art of forging weapons and armor. Most are just amateurs, though some are training quite hard to create a new line of weapons and armor to fuel the rising tide of the Great War. Aragorn Darkskies said this about the newest fad in Clandestine, "It's going to take forever to perfect, but could definitely produce some equipment worth having."

Trouble in Edge City: Arch-Demon Pazzuza
A few nights ago Edge City was attacked by an Arch-Demon named Pazzuza. He was met by a group of adventures before the gates of the City, but they failed to stop him. He entered Edge and killed many of the realm's warriors before being slain by the Tyrgoth Champion Vanion Shadowcast, Asmodean Initiate Aragorn Darkskies, and the elder Chosen One of Tyrgoth Fenrir Knightwulf. Upon death, the Arch-Demon swore that this was just the beginning of attacks, and that the future will yield the coming of even more powerful Demons. The trio was welcomed back into Edge as heroes and were rewarded with Ceremonial Blades by the God Lysander. Tyrgoth and Mercenary have already begun preparations to face anymore attacks on Edge made from Demons.

-Religious News-


- Young warrior Remor Kelvin was recognized for his talents as a Mercenary and has become the new Champion of the clan.
- Shiva has retired from battle once again, mysteriously. His position as Champion of Takhisis has been resumed by the Ex-Mercenary Screamager. This step seems to have replaced some people's lost faith in Takhisis's recent string of Champions who have not been seen well in the public eye.
- Eris Knightwood has been given the long vacant Archon of Myr'Khul position.
- Darton Lokotz has been given the position of Chosen One of Pantheos, and has since removed all followers and started anew.
- Crysalim Io Arinathe has returned from his long disappearance and has taken over the fading Morriguan religion. His plans for the religion remain a mystery to all.
- Long-time Champion and Protector of Kir'Jolith, Wadas Vossen, has deflected to Myr'Khul, joining his father and other family members to fight against the very religion he has served for many, many years.
- Mystaran Chosen One, felpur Ayla, continues to be ever-present and vigilant in the realm.

The Great War:

Mercenary joins Tyrgoth and Myr'Khul in their joint war against Takhisis, Kir'Jolith, and Pantheos. With the many changes to the different religions, the set-up for oncoming battles promises much bloodshed. Then again, there is always much bloodshed when these religions square off against each other. Mercenary's surprising work with Tyrgoth seems to have caught the other religions off-guard at the moment, but the restoration attempt at Pantheos may promise back-up to Takhisis and Kir'Jolith in the near future.

-Immortal News-

New Immortals:

- Gilran, Traehern, Kanthoth, and Firelord have all come to walk with the immortals recently. Gilran and Traehern
are builders, Firelord is in charge of much of the realm's entertainment, and Kanthoth has been recognized suddenly
for his amazing work with the new Clandestine MudClient.

New Stuff:
- If you have not already, we suggest you go get the CC Client's newest version, as it is far superior to any other
client out there.
- Gabe's mysterious vanishing act has left immortal Aryen in charge of the family trees now. Note him for any help
involving changes or amendments.
- The reward for questing has been upped, and the quests are now slightly more difficult. You should find questing
far more rewarding now, though.
- Shiva has with other immortals' help, gone through and updated many master areas, giving people choices in their
decisions on where to gain master exp.

-Sports News-
- There hasn't been any recent tournaments or interesting sports news.

-PK In the Spotlight: Crysalim Io Arinathe-

The Shade of Despair, Crysalim Io Arinathe. His player hails from the Long Island, USA, where he goes to school.
Crysalim started his long career as a Mercenary Defender under Drgon and the infamous Danfoun. He worked his way up through the warrior ranks to Champion, and after Danfoun's attempted coup against Drgon failed, Crysalim became the Archon of Mercenary. After leaving Mercenary he joined Tyrgoth. He worked his way up through the warrior ranks once again until he became Tyrgoth's Archon. He was known for planning and leading massive numbers of Tyrgoth's into Darkened Dissolution to fight hordes of Takhisians. He entered into the first duel in the Arena that was ever fought, and won. He also won the first Realm-wide Arena War, for which he was awarded ten battle coins and a spot in Clandestine History. After the Exilez disbanded from the realms, Crysalim became an Avatar and stepped into the shadows of legend, where he has sat until just recently. Though called the Shade of Despair, most of Crysalim's reign was marked by him being a Pixie, an extremely unique race for a warrior that others were not brave enough to attempt. Now, the Warrior Pixie is back as the Chosen One of the New-Age Religion, Morrigu, where he is beginning to form an army to fight against Takhisis once again.

PK Record: 800wins/580losses (including Immortal Spamkill)

PK Footage: Crysalim vs Sassy's Godchild, Marshall

No IC Picture