Second Issue of the Clandestine Tribune (3/16)

-World News-
Spotlight on Travel: Dead Rising Lord Karrygan's Castle has long been a site to see if you are into the supernatural and occult. The Sleeping Mausoleum connected to the castle has also been a favorite tourist and hunting spot. This part of the castle was mysteriously banished from the realm by the Gods for a long time, but just recently a group of adventurers re-opened the gateway to the haunted graveyard once again, and there is an Army of Undead rising there more powerful than ever before. Many great adventurers have hunted the Zombies, Imps, Glass Guardians, and Gargoyle Soldiers there. However, the power of the Mausoleum's Lord, Malachai, has stopped any who would dare attack he himself. As long as Malachai continues to live(or unlive), we can be assured that visiting this center for supernatural evil will be far more dangerous than it has been in the past. As of yet, the few who have seen Malachai and returned alive did not report any weaknesses. If you have any information about this dangerous fiend, please contact us immediately by writing a note.

Industry at Large: Misstype Inc.
Avatar Drgon's self-made Company has become globally known overnight. It seems to be hiring strongarms to find raw materials and products to stock in its vendors. Much payment has been given to those most successful in filling Drgon's requests for inventory. If you are looking for an unconventional way to get paid, keep your eyes open and your swords sharp. Not everything asked for will be given up by its owners easily. (Yes, I know know Misstype is misspelled... that's how Drgon spells it That's why it's called Misstype Inc!)

-Religious News-
- Archon Piin Shadowcast(currently the ranked 5th fighter in the realm) has retired as a warrior, and now serves Takhisis as an honorary Defender. His place is taken by Shiva Kamshia who again comes out of retirement.
- Leio Lokotz takes his place at his father's right hand as Archon of the New Pantheos.
- Newcomer, Archwizard Glyth is awarded Champion of New Pantheos, as the religion starts to slowly take shape.
- The Vossens of Myr'Khul have left and are migrating back to Kir'Jolith for an unknown reason, leaving behind them empty Protector and Guardian spots. Suprisingly, Wadas Vossen did not return to Kir'Jolith with his family.
- Sikkar resumes Paul Vossen's vacant Protector spot in Myr'Khul, being promoted from Guardian.
- Delian's semi-retirement opens up a Protector spot in Tyrgoth.
- Self-proclaimed Bounty Hunter, Demonaral has been given the vacant spot of Morrigu's Champion. The religion suits up for war as they finally fill in the pieces that they were missing.
- Old-timer Loviatarian Slayn has been given charge over the military and knighted as Champion of the religion.
- Mystaran Chosen One, felpur Ayla, continues to be ever-present and vigilant in the realm.

The Great War:
Pantheos's surge has begun to give some needed power to the Good religions of Clandestine, but the rise of a few old and a couple promising new Warriors in Tyrgoth and Morrigu seem to keep the Evil religions having the slight upper hand at the moment, with the resignation of Takhisis's leader, Piin, most likely weighing in on that result. Mercenary's future actions will likely also play a huge role in the future of this war.

-Immortal News-
New Stuff: 
- If you have not already, we suggest you go get Cmud's newest version, as it is far superior to any other client out there.  
- A new code written by Illuvatar meant to disrupt gangbangs in PK has changed the way the religions are fighting eachother slightly. The extreme unpredictability of this code may mean its removal or at least some big changes to it soon.
- A new wear spot for ears let new earring equipment be introduced, but a couple weeks later it was removed due to it causing several huge crashes. It will probably be re-added soon, once the kinks are worked out.
- Quest rewards were slightly lowered, and the quests were made even a little harder. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.
- The Master Area, Sleeping Mausoleum, has been re-opened. It's very popular at the moment for masters who cannot go to Mystical Isle, or don't have the right tools to fight in Lost World. Watch out for Malachi!
- Enshrine, banish, and crown commands have all been changed. If this affects you, talk to a staff member to learn how they now work.

-Sports News-
With Drgon and several other Avatars doing a lot of global questing, there have been alternative entertainment options for those not interested in the regular actions of leveling, questing, PKing, etc.

Arena News:

Firelord has done two world-wide Arena wars that forced everyone in Clandestine to join. One was won by Asmodean Initiate, Aragorn Darkskies. The other one was won by Tyrgoth's Champion, Vanion Shadowcast. Promises of more frequent BCGs and Mega-Arena Wars in the near future abound.


Not truly a sport, but the art of blacksmithing has become almost a race to see who can master it first. Currently, atheist Valkon, Astinian Champion Godfather, and Kir'Jolith Guardian Spark seem to be the most advanced blacksmiths in Clandestine.

-PK in the Spotlight: Shiva Kamshia-
Soldier of Takhisis, Shiva Kamshia. Shiva's player just graduated from UW-Milwaukee with degrees in Computer Science and Electronical Engineering, and is currently looking for employment in one of those fields. Shiva is one of the oldest active warriors in Clandestine. He started his career in Mystara, but quickly succumbed to the need for more fighting than the peaceful religion would allow. So he went with his friend Wadas to Tyrgoth, where he stayed for only a short time before leaving to go to Takhisis. Since then Shiva and Takhisis have been a staple throughout the realm. He's held every position possible in Takhisis, as well as the Chosen One, Archon, and Champion positions in Nuitari(during a short break from Takhisis). His efforts have, in a small way at least, changed the way battles are waged in Clandestine, both technically and stylistically. He's always been known to try to enjoy fighting without the complications that come from his friendships with immortals, but according to him, "Stuff happens." Married to the Imp, Sassy, he sparked the lineage of the Kamshia family that has boasted multiple powerful warriors. He's also served the realm as an immortal for a long time, but has just fairly recently rescended his immortality to resume leading Takhisis. Posing as the mysterious warrior known as Hanuman, he hid his identity until he was ready to reveal himself to the realm as a mortal again. Years ago, he had intense battles against Crysalim that sparked the rivalry these two have between eachother. It is interesting to note that Shiva's and Crysalim's return come at the same time. Perhaps these two ancient rivals will grace the realm once more with spectacular battles.

PK Record
: 1220wins/400losses(including Immortal Spamkill)

PK Footage
: Shiva/Hanuman vs Mnementh

No IC Picture