-World News-
Spotlight on Science: New Generation Loses that Golden Touch
Since the beginning of the era where gold and silver were used as "currency", the most efficient and popular way to make money has been the Ancient Art of Alchemy. Using the famous King Midas's Touch to turn random objects into gold, then casting some simple enchantments to turn the golden objects into currency... has been the fastest source of income for longer than any of us can remember. However, the Art of Alchemy has thinned itself amongst the realm's current populace. Whereas on the hour, being able to create thirty-five thousand gold pieces would've had you named a master of your craft, now it takes the so-called "masters" ten hours to achieve the same feat. Is this a curse on Alchemy brought down by the Gods, or simply a new generation's loss of being in-touch with their mystical abilities? It's hard to say, but you can expect a pretty hefty recession to emerge in the realm for most people. In other words- save those silver coins, folks. 

Family Crisis: Babies Having Babies
One day you're a parent, the next day you're a grandparent. Our youngsters are engaging in the horrible act of SODOMY at a younger and younger age. It is up to YOU the PARENTS to stop them from doing this and ruining their lives. Only you can help keep the world population in check.
---This has been a public service add from the Rightwing-Clandestine-Parents-Against-Child- Sodomy-Association---
*Don't let babies have babies (not ready)*

-Religious News-
- Takhisis reformats its warrior ranks. Ashram takes one of the two Protector spots, and the Guardian spots are filled by Busta, Vega, Fundel, and Snape.
- Mike Vossen is given the spare Protector spot in Kir'Jolith. Fellow Vossen, Paul, is given the Guardian spot. This ironically inverts what their respective ranks in Myr'Khul were.
- Arris and Cassius share dual Protector spots now in Mercenary. Corrin becomes the religion's only current Bishop. Narisse resumes her old position of Guardian.
- Vanion Shadowcast (currently the Top Ranked fighter in the realm) retires from being a warrior, and leaves Tyrgoth to focus on his family life. His Champion spot is resumed by old-timer, Piotr Slava.
- Delian is promoted back to his Protector spot in Tyrgoth, despite his retirement.
- Lover-of-the-Color-Pink, Aya Arinathe is promoted to Guardian status in Morrigu.
- Maedros is promoted first to Guardian, and then to Protector in Myr'Khul. Constantine and Toram become the religion's only current Guardians.
- Wyzak and Swifty are granted Guardian positions in Loviatar's Army.
- Mystaran Chosen One, felpur Ayla, continues to be ever-present and vigilant in the realm.

The Great War:
As Mercenary and Tyrgoth resign their alliance, this time leaving Myr'Khul out of it, the war somewhat rebalances, with both sides fighting somewhat evenly against each other. This shift backwards is likely due to the stepping up of the Pantheon Archon, Leio, as a leader in this conflict, as well as the absences of Mercenary's Champion, Remor, and Vanion Shadowcast. The future actions of Pantheos and Morrigu, as well as the leadership of the new Tyrgoth Champion, will likely dictate the near future of this war.

-Immortal News-
New Stuff:
- If you have not already, we suggest you go get Cmud's newest version, as it is far superior to any other client out there.
- Illuvatar's recent anti-gangbang code has been removed, due most likely to its unpredictable nature. There doesn't seem to be a replacement code going in any time soon, unfortunately.
- The ear-wear slot has been re-added, this time without any bugs.
- The exp of master areas has been lowered, but whether this is a bug or an actual intentional move by the IMM Staff is something yet to be determined.
- There is a new server that all Clandestine-related web-ages will be redirected to (including this one most likely), thanks to wonder-boy Immortal Kanthoth. The link is
- Fedit, a new code used to regulate families, has been added. Check help files to see how to use it to join/create/edit a family in the realm of Clandestine.
- Rak-Gorn's ability to chromatic heal on the tick has been lowered, most likely only very temporarily.
- One of the popular ways to get gold, the ability Midas Touch, has been given a long timer in order to avoid abuse with 'midas botting'.

-Sports News-
Avatar Drgon has stopped doing his work after a fight with the administration of the MUD. A few quests have been done by Avatar Archanos, but in far less abundance than Drgon's quests.

Blacksmithing's first master-of-the-art is the Nuitarian Xaxxor. Screamager and Valkon are also very close to finishing their perfection of the craft. A few very powerful weapons have been floating around, made by some of the realm's top Blacksmiths.

-PK in the Spotlight: Fenrir Knightwulf- 
Lord of Destruction, Fenrir Knightwulf. The player behind Fenrir is a twenty year old Canadian studying Chemistry in University, who has been playing on Clandestine since a few months after it opened to the public. Early on, he set out to achieve a name for himself. He joined Tyrgoth from the start, and has been in the religion ever since (minus a three month period where he founded Mercenary with Fzoul). He's held every rank in Tyrgoth, and is currently the Chosen One. When he first started fighting, he was lucky enough to be shown the ropes by legends such as Kutulu, Mordred, and Desolate. He quickly learned how combat worked, and soon climbed to the top of the of the proverbial Warrior's Mountain. His exploits in battle are extensive, and the list of things changed almost entirely because of how he used them is long. At the peak of his career, he even managed to slay the High Goddess Sassy, using a dark magic known as Russianroulette, earning him large amounts of respect and fame throughout the realm. His skill and knowledge of combat allowed him to stay the best of the best, being the very first warrior to be able to boast having over two hundred kills to his name, until he was drawn away from fighting (by real life issues). After about a year and a half on top, he became an Avatar, and then stepped out of the hardcore warrior scene. He's still around, and he still fights, but not nearly as often, and is nowhere nearly as devoted to combat as he was, much like his long-time rival, Mike Vossen. Be that as it may, he's had a large impact on combat as we know it. 

PK Record: 397wins/85losses (including Immortal Spamkill)

PK Footage: None

IC Picture: Fenrir Knightwulf defends against a mob of Asmodean Demon-Warriors.

Next Issue: Mike Vossen