The Fusing Guide

A new feature recently implemented into Clandestine is the art of fusion. With this skill, you 'fuse' or join bodies with someone of similar level. Together, you are one person who is significantly stronger. The fused character can use the skills and spells of the originals, but at a faster rate and higher strength. Most stats, skill levels, affects, etc. are carried over into the fusion, sometimes balanced, or even added to each other. The result is perhaps the strongest character possible. The disadvantage to this is that both people control the character, and the rate at which you can do things is only increased a bit. Thus, you may do twice the damage, but fewer hits compaired to what two people can do separately. Also, the fusion only lasts about 10 minutes when you first start doing it, the time increasing as you practice the skill. Then when you unfuse, you must wait 30 minutes until you are able to fuse once again.

Fusing is a complicated process. To be able to first fuse, both players must gain the skill of fusion at a cost of 50 trains. This skill cannot be practiced normally. It only goes up through use. Next, both players must type 'fuse player', player being the other player. If done at the right time, the fusion occurs. But there are certain requirements. First, both player's main levels must be within 10 levels of each other. Also, masters cannot fuse with supremes. Last, both players must have the same alignment.

The best method for fusing that I have found is explained below. First, find someone else that is within 10 primeclass levels that wants to fuse. Next, get both of your alignments to be the same. Sacred flame will raise your alignment by 500 points, demonfire will lower it 50 points, and desecrate will make it -1000 instantly. Just cast any spell on yourself till you reach equal alignments. Also, be aware that Sacred Flame and Demonfire will curse you occasionally, and you may not be able to remove that after fusing. Next, one person makes a trigger that activates when the other person says a phrase. The other person then says that phrase, a command seperator, and fuse all at once. For example, Yami has a trigger that activates on 'Brad says 'Fuse!'', and the result is 'fuse Brad'. Next, Brad sends a command line of 'say Fuse!;fuse Yami'. ';' is a command seperator used in zMUD and cMUD, among other clients. Replace names and the command seperator with appropriate values.

If the mud and both players are lag free, a strong fusion will occur, due to the fact that they both entered the fuse command at the exact same time. If there is light lag, a weak fusion will occur, and your base stats (typically 250 of Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Luck) will be divided by 10. You will also be much slower with commands. If both of you are completely off, no fusion will occur, and you must wait about 10-15 seconds before you can attempt fusion again.

Fused characters create a new pseudo-pfile. It has the name of a merging of the two origional character's names. If Yami and Brad fused, their name would be Brmi or Yaad. If a non-reinc and a reinc fused, they would be treated as a non-reinc. The fused character is an atheist, unless both original characters are in the same religion. Then they become an initiate of that religion. The weapons fuse together as well, increasing damage significantly, becoming an exotic weapon, and using the bane damage type. The new char can use all the skills and spells of the original characters. Exceptions to this are mining, charge, etc. because they require a free hand. The prime class is determined by whoever initiates the fuse first. All equipment melds into your new body, becoming part of you, and making new free slots. The only slots that you cannot change are the weapon slots, which are your fists, or new weapons, and except to charge/mine, there is no reason to want to remove them. Resistances/vulnerabilities of the original characters carry over. The rate of which you gain exp is also decreased, sometimes to the point that you recieve negative experience.

You cannot die while fused. If you do 'die' you will be sent back to the healer with low health and such, but you will not need your corpse or to be resurrected.

You remain fused for a set amount of time. You can see this time above your affects list. The time increases with practice of the fusion skill. When both characters have 1% practice, the fusion lasts about 10 minutes. You can only raise fusion by using it. There's a possibility of raising when you initiate the fuse, unfuse, and even more rarely during the fuse. After the timer runs out, or you unfuse manually by typing 'fuse' again, the original characters are restored to their original state at the spot they unfused, and the only differences are that the exp you gained while fused is split, and there's a 30 minute wait timer till you can fuse again.

The art of doing anything while fused is tricky at first. Both players can enter commands, each in equal control. With few exceptions, most commands are available to the players. You can use all channels of the original characters, except family channels and religion channels (unless you're in a religion). All spells and skills have lag, more or less depending on the strength of the fuse. Prompt setup is one or the other player's, depending on who first initiated the fuse. Auto commands, like autoloot, as well as channel on/off status, are reset, and wimpy is turned off. I suggest making a macro to set all that up after fusing. Nothing is carried over after fusing, except experience gained, and health/mana/move consumption.