If you can't connect with CMud you probably don't have it set up right. CMud by default, points to an old address that is no longer valid. After downloading cMUD, right click on the cmud.exe file and select Create Shortcut. This will create a new icon. Right click this new icon, and click Properties. In the Properties window, select the Shortcut tab, add the following to the Target box after the quotation marks: 9476
You should now be able to double click the new shortcut and be able to properly connect to Cland. Renaming the shortcut and moving it shouldn't cause any problems as long as the .exe file remains unchanged.

The spell "fly" is very useful.
 1) Immunity to "trip" affect
 2) When cast on mobs, inflicts greater damage when casting "Hurricane"
 3) Flying affect making you able to fly over rivers and alike
Prac All is a very useful command for Masters.
Type "jinfo" to Turn off Joust Channel
Train your wisdom first as it will give you more practice to train with.
High poison/disease will increase circle failure.
Help powers will give you information about what extra commands you obtain at certain levels (only useful after level 100).
When fighting more then 1 mob, if the mob that you aren't fighting has a spec, they wont use it on you until you're fighting it directly.
When somebody is ether/invis and you can't send them a tell, try sending them an otell. (Doesn't work anymore after Azuel revamped the tell code)
Thundershock will temporarily (1 round) stop a creature from attacking and/or spell casting. 
The password to Insomnia, hero area, is '666'. It will say the password is wrong, but it will actually put you into Insomnia.
Protection Evil/Good cuts damage by 1/4th but it only works on mobs of the alignment it protects against (protection good cuts damage by 1/4th against good mobs).  It is stackable with all sanctuaries, but one cannot cast BOTH Protection Good *and* Protection Evil on at the same time (however, having EQ with both on works.)


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