Unofficial Clandestine Website

*Webpage taken over by Leio from Valkon - 09-08-02
*Class Strengths Updated - 09-08-02
*Race Strengths Updated - 09-08-02
*Area Database created (PostgreSQL), old areas added in - 09-19-02
*Area Database Admin page usable (with a crappy design) - 09-20-02
*Area list based on a database - (check out the "Areas" link) - 09-20-02
*The left frame changed - 11-19-02
*New topic in the Clandestine Forums - UCW - 12-08-02
*Area database fully updated, if something is outdated, let me know immediately - 12-12-02
*Fusion guide and 'slist-r all' page added - 01-08-03
*Newbie guide added - 08-24-03
Currently in Progress:
*Nothing, as of now the maintainer of this site is working on the official webpage of Clandestine
*If you want to take this page over at some point, contact me
Not yet updates things:
*All kind of locations
*Quest items
*Master EQ
*Lots of other things...
If you have anything to add/fix or any comments please send an e-mail to or send Leio a personal note on Clandestine OR now you can also talk about this page in the Clandestine Forums thread!!!