Clandestine's Newbie Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Clandestine. My name is Rajamic, and I will be your executioner... er... guide. I will try to take things slowly, but there is much to go over.

Selecting a Name
First you must create a character, and the first step is to select a name. There are a few rules on names.
Do not use:

Silly Names: Names such as Gumbo, NIN, Fairymeow, Punk, or Cheezze
Names with titles: Names such as LordAragon, MasterHyru, SuperTed
Philosophical Names: Names such as Honesty, Death, Apathy, Hate, Evil
(though IRL names like Faith and Hope have been allowed)
Combination Names: Names such as Bluefire, Cutelady or Deathbringer
Names in all CAPS or mixed CAPS: Names such as GARTH, HiRaL, LeToDe
Nonsense or Unpronouncable Names: Names such as Yzzyg, Zifffy , or Kikikik
Monster names: Names such as Bonedevil, Tanarri, Greatersuccubus

Also note that some names will not be allowed by the game's code, because they are already used, either by another player character (PC) or a non-player character (NPC, or mob, which is short for mobile).

Then you select your password and then retype it. It is very very important that you have some way of remembering it, but don't make it something someone else could not figure out from your character's backstory (should you choose to make one) or from getting to know you out of character (OOC).

Next is whether you want to have color turned on. This is up to you and somewhat based on the program you use to connect to Clandestine. Generally, I have found it easier to have color on, primarily because you can learn to look for certain colors in situations in order to pick out the information you need, rather than trying to read everything that goes by.

Selecting a Race
The next step is picking what race your character is going to be (at least early on in his or her life). Here is a list of all the races you can start with, and the number of creation points each costs after it:

Human 4 Avian 8 Pixie 8
Quickling 8 Succubus 8 Drow 10
Centaur 10 Half-Dragon 11 Felpur 12
Raptor 12 Scorpobeetlo 11 Thrall 12
Nord 13 Hobgoblin 14 Spriggan 15
Dragon 15 Amazon 15 Sylphid 16
Quasit 17 Atlantean 17 Drider 18
Asguardian 18 Gnoll 18 Sphinx 19
Elysian 19 Titan 19 Sprite 20
Nazgul 20 Efreeti 20 Darkling 23

Here's where things can get complicated, if you let them. The number of creation points you end up with determines the amount of experience you will need to gain for each experience level. So generally, lower is better. Also, most people reincarnate (reinc) their characters eventually because it makes the character MUCH stronger and opens up new options. Almost everyone after reincarnating the first time will ignore the very existence of the character prior to reincing. Drows are among the better non-reincarnate (non-reinc) races in combat and pixies can go through most doors without having to open or unlock them. Both make good choices and have low enough creation costs for our purposes.

Next you pick your character's sex. I would hope you already have this determined. There is no advantage or disadvantage statistically between the two. And if you are wondering, yes, many people have at least one character of the opposite gender as themselves.

Selecting a Class
Your next decision is picking your character's class (which you can think of as his or her profession). Here are your choices:

Warrior Strong fighters, no magic
Mage Weak fighters, strong offensive magic
Cleric Decent fighters, good curative magic
Thief Good dexterity, little magic, good fighting
Psionicist Masters of the mind, excellent variety of magic
Mystic Good fighter, balanced magic ability
Warlock Warriors of gods, good offensive magic
Warlord Strong warriors, good defensive and offensive magic
Rogue Good all around skills, little magic ability
Assassin Specialty Thieves, no magic, good skills
Avenger Defensive religious knights, strong defensive magic
Arahkhan Offensive religious knights, powerful offensive magic
Executioner Heavy hitting combatant, strong fighting skills, little magic
Templar Specialty Clerics, strong all around magic, little fighting
Conqueror Supreme warrior class, heavy fighting, fair magic

In my experience, it is best early on in a character's life to not have them depend on magic, so I suggest taking a more physical class. I personally go with assassins, but I've seen plenty of executioners and conquerors as well.

Next is alignment. Do you want a good, neutral, or evil character? Well, that doesn't matter, because what you kill will change your alignment all the time. But what your alignment is, and what you kill at the time will affect how much experience you get. With where you will be going early on, you want an evil align to start.

The next question you face is whether you want to customize your character. Enter a 'y' and you will see a list of skill and spell groups you can gain for your character and their associated creation costs. Also, at the bottom you will see what you experience per level is. If your experience to level is any higher then 1000, you picked a race with too high of a creation cost, and should just finish the rest of creation, delete, and recreate with a different race. If it is 1000, you are good to go. Just type 'done' without adding any groups (Don't worry, you can learn them later).

The final question you face is what you want your default weapon to be. You will be given your options based on the class you selected. This will determine what type of weapon your character starts with. There are also rumors that a character is always slightly more proficient with their default weapon type then their skill in it actually shows. What you pick is of little consequence.

That's it for character creation. You will then be sent into Clandestine as your new character. The Updates and Changes list will be of little interest to you since you are new here, but you really should read everything else that shows up when you come on for the first time. You will also receive some spells from the Adept of Zark. These spells will be of some use, but will eventually wear off.

Starting Off
A few things you might want to type fairly early on:

'autoall on' Will turn on many automatic features, such as letting you see what directions you can leave a room in.
'autotick' Time is measures in ticks, which are about one minute apart. It will put up a -->TICK<-- message on each tick.
'joust' This will turn off the joust channel. Once you get a pet you can ride on, you can joust other players. However, there is no material gain to jousting, and everyone in the realm who hasn't turned off the joust channel sees messages for each joust. This wouldn't be bad, except that people tend to joust non-stop for fifteen minutes or more, creating a lot of spam.
'scroll [#]' This sets the number of lines that a single event or command (usually) will cause to appear before you will have to hit a return to see more. Using the number 0 will just let the lines fly.
'automap' This will display a map showing where you can go in the vicinity of where you are. Some players swear by this, while others hate it, so you might want to give it a try.

*Eventually, you will want to type 'hint' as well to turn off the hints, but you probably should leave them for a bit and read them.

Now from the starting point, you can go north, and go through the newbie hall, where you will learn a few basics and can pick up some free equipment. Optionally, you can go down and find yourself in City Center. In the first room will be an old man who spouts various little tidbits if you sit there. He is probably the moderator of the hint channel.

In the next room north is a grocer. Anytime you say the word food ('say food'), he will drop an apple for you. You then 'get apple' to pick it up, and anytime your character gets hungry, you can 'eat apple' to make him or her feel better.

Another step north will bring you to the armorer. He will ask if you need armor. Say yes, and he will give you boots, gauntlets, and a vest. You can type 'get armor' three times, or just 'get all'. Once you have them, type 'wear all' to put them all on.

Training and Practicing
North again will take you to a sleeping man. This is in fact a guildmaster. Guildmasters help you practice skills you have and learn new ones. Well, this one can't teach you new tricks for some reason, but others can. Anyway, the useful commands for information with a guildmaster are:

'practice' Shows a list of skills and spells which you know and how proficient you are in them. At the bottom is the amount of practice points you have available to spend improving you percentages.
'gain list' Shows the list of skills and spells you can learn with you class(es), though you may have to be a much higher level to use them. Like I said though, this guildmaster can't do this. You will have to use 'score' to see the number of training points you have.
'train' This will let you increase your base statistics by spending training points
'gain convert' Changes practice points into training points, at a rate of 10 to 1.
'gain learn' Changes training points to practice points, at a rate of 1 to 10.

I would suggest practicing your default weapon's skill up to 75% (the max you can use practice points to get it to for now). When it hits 75%, it will say you are learned at it.

The next room north features an Adept of Lynk, who will explain the basics of helpfiles. I suggest you listen and take the words to heart. Most questions you will have about the game for quite a while will be in a helpfile. If you can't find what you are looking for, look on, and if that fails then ask other players. Otherwise, people may just get rude with you in pointing you to the answer.

The next room features a beast tied to a wall and a man screaming for blood. This is the room that serves as a primer for fighting. Type 'kill beast' to begin fighting it. You will automatically attack it at a regular basis, and it will begin to fight back. At this point, you don't really have any other combat skills to use in the fight, so just sit back and watch your character dispatch the monster easily. You will gain money and experience from the beast once it is dead.

Now a few things you might want to look into:
'battlespam' This will let you cut down on the amount of text you see in a fight. There are also 'battlespam affects', 'battlespam warnings', and 'battlespam advanced', each with different effects.
'prompt' This allows you to configure how your prompt looks. The full list of options is available in 'help prompt'. It can even be colorized using the codes in 'help color' for easier reading. And if you want different information when you are fighting something than when you aren't, you can set up a prompt and a battleprompt. This can and probably will make fighting easier to survive with the right options in your prompt or battleprompt. %b is especially useful since it shows your opponent's health bar, but is invisible when not in combat even in your normal prompt, should you decide to not set a battleprompt.

By the time you've finished looking into all of this, the beast will have 'repoped', meaning even though you killed it, it is back again. May as well kill it again since it was that easy!

North one more time will be the end of newbie hall. Go down after that and you will find yourself at Edge City's City Center. City Center (usually abbreviated CC) is the hub of the entire realm of Clandestine and the place you will return to when you recall.

Now I wish to talk a bit about your typing. Up to this point, you've been typing exactly what you wanted to do, and it happened. But you can save yourself a lot of work by only typing the first few letters of each word. For instance, if you wish to look at what you are carrying, you can type 'inv' instead of 'inventory'; actually, you can just use 'i' for that one. Just the same, you can use 'k' to attack something.

Also, eventually, you will find spells with multiple words, but share the same first word (one example is sacred cloak and sacred flame). If you type 'c sacred cloak self', it will think you are trying to cast sacred cloak on someone named Cloak. But if you just do 'c sacred self', it will always be sacred cloak, never sacred flame. The way around this is 'c 'sacred flame' self'. This is a fairly advanced topic for newbies, but something you will need to know.

Back to more interesting things. While at City Center, you should probably politely ask for someone to make a light for you and cast sanctuary on you. You do have a light, but it will burn out (if it hasn't already while you are reading this; sorry about how long this got), while the ones players can make never burn out. And Sanctuary is a very powerful spell that reduces the amount of damage you receive from all opponents by 1/2.

Leveling and Grouping
The best place to start leveling (or hunting as it is usually called in character (IC)) is 1up and 1 south. You'll find a bunch of barnyard animals in the area. They will die quickly.

Anytime, you can type 'multi' to see what level you are. About the time you reach level 8, return to CC (either by walking or by recalling which takes half your movement points), and then go 12 south and kill dancing people, but be careful of the ogres along the way.

I'll let you search for other places to level, or you can try to make friends and ask someone where to go. Once you reach level 13, you will have access to a wide variety of chat channels. Be aware that it is illegal to intentionally mislead someone on the question and answer channel and newbie channel, but perfectly legal to lead you to certain death with directions on basically any other channel.

One thing that makes leveling go much quicker is grouping. By grouping, multiple characters can attack the same NPC and gain experience from it. If the group gets too large, the exp gets cut down, but with just a group of two, there's basically no difference per kill, and the kills come much faster. You can only group with people who are within 25 levels of yourself.

If you need to get healed, return to CC, and sleep there or at one of the nearby healers. Sleeping (with a full stomach and not thirsty) will heal you faster. You can drink at the fountain of ever-changing drinks at CC. As for food, it's best just to ask someone to make some for you if you have no apples left from the newbie hall.

You cannot recall from all rooms. Also, the spells curse and torment will prevent recalling and the use of portals.

I think that about wraps up this newbie guide. Just a few more things.

At any time after reaching level 7, you can go on quests by requesting one from the questmasters who share rooms with the healers near CC. By completing quests you will gain gold coins and quest points. Quest points are used to purchase various items from the questmaster ('quest buy') and a few other people around the realm. The really good things at the questmaster for early on are:

Cloak of Sanctuary Gives you a permanent sanctuary spell as long as you wear it.
Helm of Perception Lets you see many things you ordinarily wouldn't, because they are hidden, invisible, or in shadows, among other things.
Pillow of health Adds a regeneration effect. This is particularly powerful when used while sleeping.
Water flask and pizza Endless supply of drink and food, respectively. Keep them in a safe pouch during battle or they might get burned and destroyed.
Runes The runes at the questmaster are used to transport yourself to another place you have already been to and placed a marker at using the rune.
Bracer of the Ancients Can create virtually unlimited 1-use gateways back to City Center, even from rooms you can't recall from.
Ancient Relic Weapon An intelligent and modifiable weapon. It gains experience through combat which allows it to level and gain power. Pricey, but well worth the time and effort.

Once you reach level 100, you can then reincarnate. The advantages of reincing are as follows:

1. Your base stats are higher and can go WAY higher than as a non-reinc.
2. You can now pick from a new set of races and classes, which are in general more powerful.
3. Your character will be able to keep up with the increase in power the mobs have been beginning to show as you progressed to new areas.

The one downside is that the minimum experience to level is 8K (which is achieved by having exactly 80 creation points spent, no more, no less). If you can't decide whether you want to, I'll help you out a bit. There are very few reasons to not reinc you character, and if you are reading a newbie guide such as this, they aren't important to you right now. If you wish, you could level more until you esper before you reinc, but I personally think that's kinda silly. Be aware that any equipment you character has when you reinc will disappear, so have someone you trust hold anything of importance while you reinc.

Sooner or later, your character will die, no matter what you do. Fortunately, Clandestine makes death easily reversible. Early on, you won't even have to worry about getting ressurected. When you die, any equipment you have that isn't quest equipment will stay with your corpse, and you will find yourself at one of the Edge City healer's. If you are levels 1-99, your corpse and all your equipment will be in the morgue (5w3n1w1s). Once you hit level 100, your corpse stays where you died.

Also once you reinc, you will almost definitely want to multiclass. By multiclassing, you will gain the abilities of multiple classes. The downside is more exp needed. When you multiclass, each class has its own level, and you must now manually level each one. In order to level any class other than your primary one, you must be at a guildmaster. Each class you gain costs 4X the previous class to level. So with 8K for your first class, the second is 32K, the third is 128K, and so on. In order to gain a multiclass, you need to have 70 training points for a reinc class and 30 for a non-reinc.

When spending training points aside from multiclassing, start by training Wisdom (to get more practice points per level), then Intelligence (to increase spell power a bit and decrease the number of practices it takes to learn a skill/spell)

Guide written by Rajamic. Page formatted primarily my Suki, with editoral approval of Rajamic.
Any newbies with information that you feel should be included, just send me (Rajamic) a note about it.
Written 8/24/03