(candyman in candyland)
Name(s): candyman cane
Vnum: 22408 Format: new Type: weapon Resets: 1
Short description: the Candyman's cane
Long description: You see a peppermint striped cane lying on the ground.
Wear bits: take wield
Extra bits: hum magic
Extra2 bits: none
Number: 1/1 Weight: 7/7/7 (10th pounds)
Level: 198 Cost: 4500 Timer: 0
In room: 0 In object: (none) Carried by: Valkon Wear_loc: -1
Values: 2 1 399 52 9
Weapon type is dagger
Damage is 1d399 (average 200)
Damage noun is raw chaos.
Weapons flags: flaming sharp
Affects damage roll by 8, level 198.
Affects hit roll by 7, level 198.
Affects hp by 50, level 198.
Affects mana by 50, level 198.